Brum Yum Yum Streetfood Market in Kings Heath

Once again Tammy Facey, our intrepid gastro-gnome, has been out in the field doing what she likes best. Here’s her report.


Brum Yum Yum Streetfood Market in Kings Heath

Brum Yum Yum Streetfood Market in Kings Heath

King’s Heath ain’t one of the hottest and happening locations in Brummy land, it never was. Thus, we’ve swept over this residential area, letting it be what it is – a decent area for families to grow up in, in favour of events in the city.

That is until now. Every area in a big city has potential, it just needs a little love, a little attention, but most importantly an idea. Once you’ve got a winning idea you’re laughing.

Thus last Saturday saw the launch of the Street food Market in King’s Heath village square.

Boy, oh boy, did people come in their droves. In total the square held sixteen stalls with a variety of cuisine on offer:  Cooks from the new Fiesta Del Asada were there, The Bournville Waffle Co, Ross&Ross, Really Awesome Coffee  and fresh stone baked pizza to name a few.

Organised by Duncan Standley the street food market is now a firm weekend fixture and will take place every second Saturday in the village square – from midday until the around 4pm (or when the food runs out!).

If the weather isn’t behaving you can buy the delicious food on offer and eat inside the little café opposite the square – they don’t mind and they serve a decent (inexpensive) brew too.

So, the food:  There were different stalls of every kind: curry, wraps, Argentinian cuisine, traditional British, sweet desserts, classic pizza, they had it all.

With a number of scents wafting our way, to pick just one cuisine was difficult. Around 3’ o clock, however, while most of the stalls were packing up one still had a long queue of people eager to taste their offerings: Ross and Ross.

Ross & Ross

Now they had the biggest line and the lamb smelt delicious, so it gave me hope that they wouldn’t disappoint. They were selling lamb burgers, with a salsa verde. I love lamb, especially the tender, flaky kind they were filling toasted buns with. Unfortunately it lacked serious flavour, the salsa verde didn’t do much. It needed just a smidge of black pepper, lemon thyme and rosemary. That would’ve done it but they seemed afraid of scaring people away with flavour.

Unsatisfied, I thought I’d go for the opposite and let my nose guide me to the smell of freshly made waffles.

The Bournville Waffle Co

The Bournville Waffle Company was stuck with a rather flimsy stall…. but the waffles? My goodness, these were bordering on celestial. I’ve tried waffles in the past that were crunchy, hard to cut and a little too-sweet. These, however, were perfect. I can still taste the soft, moreishishness of them, the irresistible home-made chocolate sauce oozing its way through the crevices of the doughy bites. The chunks of brownie making every bite that bit sweeter. They were thick, soft, fluffy – apparently there’s a raising agent in the dough – and were topped with home-made brownies, whipped cream and home-made white or milk chocolate sauce. Mother, like I, hoovered hers up in a matter of seconds. The Bournville Waffle Company knows what it’s doing and they do it well. I’ll be first in line when they’re at the Digbeth Dining Club and the King’s Heath Street food Market again.

What’s most appealing about the market, despite the food, is that it’s so unexpected; it’s a shake-up that King’s Heath needed and is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham city centre. Get there early next time because the best food sells out quickly, and you don’t want to be stuck with a bland burger on a Saturday afternoon.

The next Streetfood Market in Kings Heath is on 11th of May.

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