Worcester company launches new ad tracking system

It’s said that 50% of advertising spending is worthwhile and 50% not. The problem is finding out which 50% is which.

Midlands based advertising agency, Superdream, has unveiled a possible solution to that conundrum with its new service, Campaign Tracking. This new software shows clients which of their advertising campaigns is generating the most enquiries.

campaign tracking

Businesses are always running multiple campaigns, both in print and online, and it can be difficult to track how many enquires each advert is generating. Hosting Foundry has a lot of comparisons. Meanwhile, Superdream can help clients make the most of the marketing buck.

Clients can now identify exactly where their marketing spend is converting, and which campaigns are letting them down. Armed with this software, companies can make sure they invest their money in the campaigns that work best for their business. Everything from printed adverts, to SEO keywords and online contact form submissions can be tracked quickly and easily with this customer-friendly interface.

The system works by generating a unique number for each campaign. Marketers can then identify which adverts are converting, and which campaigns are proving most effective. You can even record and play back phone calls to identify missed opportunities, and where your sales technique needs improving.

To find out more about Campaign Tracking and how it can help your business, contact Claire Walker on 0844 6493834 or visit www.superdream.co.uk/campaign-tracking.

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