The new age of Aga

Meriden based creative agency Cogent Elliott has developed a new campaign for the AGA Total Control cooker, demonstrating how the company’s latest innovation meets the lifestyle needs of the modern man or woman.

Aga campaignThe campaign, which covers three separate executions and runs across national press, online display and social media as well as in-store, shows how the AGA Total Control cooker puts you in charge of how and when the cooker is used.  The tone of the creative sees Cogent throwing a knowing wink back to AGA’s iconic 2000s ‘Iron Age Woman’ campaign.

Cogent has also produced a series of viral films which take a light-hearted look at the possibilities of remotely controlling the AGA Total Control – showing a range of people controlling their AGA cooker from the office, a gym and even a lift!

Mike Phillipson, CEO of Cogent Elliott, said: “AGA is one of the UK’s truly iconic brands. As such it’s very exciting to produce a campaign which modernises and moves the brand on.”

Kathryn Lowe, Marketing Manager at AGA, said: “This is a really stylish campaign which shows how an AGA is the perfect cooker for those with a busy lifestyle, particularly a younger, more urban audience, and those looking to keep energy usage to a minimum but may not have considered buying one. The flexibility and controllability of the AGA Total Control means that, no matter how busy you are, you can enjoy all the cooking and ‘heart of the home’ benefits that an AGA cooker offers.”