Burma By Bike: Through the Lens

Australian photographer Pete Delaney

Australian photographer Pete Delaney


Australian photographer Pete Delaney travelled with Richard Lutz and friends between Rangoon and Mandalay by bike. Here are some of his pictures


Parade little Burmese boy

Above –  This little boy is on his way to spend his first night in the local Buddhist monastery. Despite the solemn face, it is a happy celebration. He is escorted there by his proud father who will stay with him. Dozens of other little boys were also on horses in the procession.

buddha statues en masse

Above – In  a mountaintop temple,  thousands of Buddha statues decorated with gold leaf silently wait for those waiting to pray. Nearby was another temple with a reported 6m Buddha statues which no one could count.

Burmese tea dryer

Above-  Tea plantations dominate many of the hills near Inle Lake. This woman dries the leaves in the hot sun. Families own their own plots of tea.

bike through trees Burma

Above – Biking is best just after dawn when the air is cool. Later, temperatures reach more than 40C. Roads are quiet, cool, and surrounded by agriculture with crops ranging from rice to lentils to tamarind.

Aung San Suu Kyi and Aung San

Above – The iconic face of Aung San Suu Kyi is everywhere. She is known as The Lady. On the right is her equally famous father Aung San who was the leader of the independence movement before he was murdered.

synagogue in Burma

Above – We heard about the only synagogue in Burma – almost hidden in a tangle of Rangoon streets. We found it  elegantly preserved and faithfully used each Saturday by the tiny Jewish community.

Buddhist temple rises above Inle Lake

Above – An extravagant Buddhist temple rises above Inle Lake 3000 feet above sea level.It is approached best by boat.

A beer in Burma

Above – And finally, nothing beats  Burmese beer at the end of a hot day on a bike Take your pick, the main brands are Mandalay and Myanmar.


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