Inspirational new teacher wins award

An inspirational University of Wolverhampton graduate who has helped to boost participation in sports and PE at the school where he teaches is celebrating after winning a national award.

Mat Winzor

Mat Winzor is to receive an ‘Inspirational Educator’ award from the Company of Educators Charitable Trust.

Mat is a newly qualified teacher at Deansfield Community School in Wolverhampton, having graduated from the University’s School for Education Futures with a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) in Physical Education in 2011.

As a student teacher, Mat began the PGCE course at the University with a severe knee injury, but persevered to undertake all relevant tasks until recovered.

Mat, together with the rest of the PE Department, have overcome many challenges over the last few years. Participation is now at least 95% in all PE lessons and there are now GCSE PE cohorts in Years 9, 10 and 11. There are approximately 16 clubs per week that boys and girls can attend, and city events are frequently attended.

He will receive his award at a dinner at the Painters’ Hall in the City of London on Friday, 1 March 2013.

Professor Kit Field, Dean of the School of Education Futures, said: “We are delighted by Mat’s award and extremely proud of his achievements. As a newly qualified teacher, he always went above and beyond the parameters of his job, but only ever saw this as part of his job.

“His enthusiasm for sport and high level PE has allowed him to build outstanding relationships with the students, which has contributed to a huge turnaround in engagement in the students from Years 7 through to 11. Mat builds positive and productive relationships with his colleagues and sets an example to many in how to approach his job.”

Mat has been instrumental in developing interest and participation in rugby at the school, including running after-school clubs for the sport. He has also brought in sports such as volleyball, fitness and cricket which had either not been done for a while, or not at all.

Due to his commitment to out of school hours work, the school currently has between 50 and 70 boys per week attending sports clubs, playing fixtures and going on sports related trips. This is rounded off by the fact that for most of these teams and clubs Mat takes the kit home to wash.

The Company of Educators’ Charitable Trust has an annual awards scheme with the title ‘Inspirational Educators’ which recognises and appreciates the work of individuals from across the educational spectrum.

For more information about the Company of Educators, visit:

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