Ask Howard: Just how did Huhne suddenly remember the truth?

Howard Elson reports


Howard Elston, our  Q/A guy answers the big questions that trouble our planet



How did politician Chris Huhne suddenly remember that he made his wife take his speeding points just before he was to go on trial?


Our lawyer writes: As this is an active court case  we have advised Howard not to answer.

But our office  doctor writes: Memory is a strange thing. It is selective and geared to self preservation. A patient, who I shall call C, did not remember events for a decade. But when faced with a stern man on a bench with a white wig, a battalion of smart lawyers in black robes, an end of a career and the wrath of a nation,  he was impelled  suddenly to  re-assess his atrophied values.

In the psychotraumatic field, this is known as telling the truth. Medically, It can have an effect on  family, friends, the voting public and fellow workmates.