Fiscal Cliff Exclusive Interview: What Happens Now?

Howard Elston reports

HOWARD ELSTON, our financial editor in chief (exec), continues his exhaustive and contemplative interview with Fiscal Cliff as a deal is hammered out in the US of A.

Howard Elston: Looks like you’re toast and crusin’ for a bruisin’ on this one, Mr Cliff, what with the deal hammered out and all

Fiscal Cliff: Things ain’t wrapped up yet, son. They still gotta deal with the public sector cuts.

HE: You said many times that you can be down but not out in American politics. Mr Cliff..

Howard Marks

Mr Fiscal Cliff

FC: Fiscal, please, just plain Fiscal…

HE: Well, Fiscal, what do  you say to all the rich folks that’ll have to cough up more taxes as part of a mash up deal by all those white haired guys in Congress

FC: The white haired guys don’t  frighten me and neither do they scare  rich folks. We all just up and  move to Britain where you all know how to bleed the system

HE: But the UK has laws and penalties…and high taxes

FC: Rich  don’t pay taxes. It’s in the  job description. You roll everything out to  Jersey or the Isle of Man, create a corporate dodge in the Netherlands, take another slug of a Starbucks iced expresso  and live the life of Larry in Mayfair with a pile in Surrey and a fishing lodge up in the Highlands.

HE: And…?

FC:  Take over one of those robber baron banks, bleed it dry and get a bonus for it. Then shove the kids into one of those over the top snobby  schools  and  keep an eye on that offshore money

HE: That’s all you need?

FC:  A place in Spain too.

HE: So,   mucky old damp  semi-socialistic  ‘death lists on the NHS Britain’, is a bolthole for the wealthy?

FC: Always has been. Gotta run, I’m sitting down with my tax accountant and a travel agent in a couple of mins. Cheerio, tarra a bit, pip pip and all that

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  1. and there I was thinking that Fiscal Cliff was something to do with the sexual predilections of an aged, wrinkle necked pop star who has a penchant for singing during wet weather at Wimbledon…

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