Theatre Exchange at The OJS

Theatre Exchange is a new initiative hosted by The Old Joint Stock Pub, Birmingham – the first of what will be monthly get-togethers thereafter.

With the Theatre world moving fast in our region, Theatre Exchange does what it says on the tin. It’s a stop off point for anyone interested in Theatre in the area to meet up and see/show/tell/ask!

So, on Monday 19th November at 7.30pm, get along to the Club Room at the back of the bar in The Old Joint Stock. The evening will be informal, with people free to drop in and out (or go to the bar).

Kick off is at 7.30pm with a chance for anyone involved in theatre in the region to spread the word about what they’re up to and finishing with a chance to chat and discuss ideas with others, a sort-of networking evening which sprawls into the night.

Sandwiched in the middle at 8pm will be some short scratch performances of new writing, and a chance to give some (anonymous) feedback!

Calling Actors, Writers and Directors!

From 5.30pm there’ll be space for scripts to be rehearsed prior to scratch performances as part of Theatre Exchange.  The chosen applicants will work together in those 2 hours to put on a scratch performance to show at the evening event.

If you would like to be involved….

The plan is for this part of Theatre Exchange to be for everyone, and the hope is that members of the public will also come along (or wander over) and feedback on the scratch performances – this is a great opportunity to get your work out there!

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