Halfmoon Special: Lud’s Church

As the year draws to its close, join award winning poet Holly Corfield Carr on a circular walk through the dramatic mythology and geology of the Roaches.

Starting out from Roach End, the walk will follow in the footsteps of Gawain through winter woodland and over rocky ridge and travel into Back Forest, passing Rock Hall Cottage built into a cave on our way to the eerie and enchanting chasm of Lud’s Church – a deep, green cleft that legend holds is the Green Chapel where Gawain met with the Green Knight to end his grim game.

Tracing the route through Arthurian legend and the circular structure of the 14th century text, the walk will become a quest for Gawain, the ‘Green Man’, Ted Hughes’, ‘Wodwo’ and even Jenny Greenteeth, the green-skinned mermaid who haunts Doxey Pool.

Afterwards, writers will head to The Roaches Tearoom, nestled under Hen Cloud, to replenish and retell the quest, just as a knight arriving back into court after a long journey would be invited to tell his story.

Cost: £12 per person. Concession will be available
Walk: 15th December 2012 – 10.00am-11.30am (meeting at Roach End)
Workshop: 15th December 2012 – 1.00pm-4.00pm (venue tbc)
To book, or for further details see http://halfmoonpoetry.wordpress.com/