Co-operative Food celebrates One Year Anniversary in Shard End

Customers visiting Midlands Co-operative Society’s Shard End food store last Saturday were welcomed with plenty of treats as the store celebrated its first birthday.

Shard End Midlands Co-opThe Fun Day, organised by employees included free food tastings and a raffle in aid of the Society’s corporate charity, Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children. The Co-operative store was amongst the first retail sites to open on the new development, All Saints Centre in Shard End.

Store Manager, Larry Riopedre, said: “We thought our first birthday was a great excuse to have some fun and raise funds for our charity. We’re proud and committed to helping our local community as well as all of our customers in Shard End and wanted to thank them for their continued support over the past year. We had a great time and raised over £285.”

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