Your vote counts

There’s an election next month. Make sure you can take part.

WMP Lloyd House

WMP Lloyd House

Birmingham  residents are being reminded that they have the opportunity to vote for the first ever West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner on November 15. Polling cards are being issued to households across Birmingham today (October 16).  There are now just two weeks left to register to vote before the October 31 deadline.

Those who do vote will have a direct say on who will take on the role of Police and Crime Commissioner whose powers will include:

•         Setting the priorities for police in the West Midlands
•         Working to understand and respond to public priorities
•         Setting the local budget and the part of council tax that goes to policing
•         Holding the Chief Constable to account for police performance
•         Making crime and disorder reduction grants
•         Working with other agencies to improve community safety

Robert Connelly ,Deputy Police Area Returning Officer for the election in the West Midlands, said: “The decision as to who the Police and Crime Commissioner will be is in the hands of every voter in the West Midlands, which is why it is important that people register and do not miss out on the opportunity to vote.”

To find out who is standing for election in your area and see information from candidates, visit

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