Labour Rapper Ed is Number 1 on Music Downloads

Howard Elston reports


Howard Elston, our cultural attache for this website, with a smash exclusive which will rock the very foundations of Westminster (and South Korea)

Rapper Ed  (Milly Ed)  Milliband has become the first Labour politician in over five decades  to reach Number One in the world  with his new single  Govern’ ment Style.

It broke into the top 40 last week when Milly Ed, dressed as a party leader, launched his new hit on YouTube. It received 170m hits in 4 seconds setting a new  cyberweb record.

Milly Ed is an established political  icon in the United Kingdom of England where he and his brother Dave have released a dozen hit downloads including He Ain’t Leader, He’s My Brother’ , ‘Hey You Get Offa My Cabinet‘  and many other major tunes.

Milly Ed: Govern ‘ment Style



The breakthrough, though,  came when Milly Ed (pictured)  appeared on the David Letterman Late Show in the United Snakes and was able to correctly answer simple arithmetic  and socio-anthropological  queries from an audience of gum chewing American idiots.



Milly Ed said today through a party spokesman: ‘When we win the next election from Camo-Man with  his absurd policies and elitist Etonian downloads, we will re launch our nationisation programme which will make the internet free at the point of delivery (Editor’s note: it is  already free,  but never mind)

Milly Ed’s Govern ‘ment Style uses an absurd dance called the Fabian which the rapper performs underwater, in drag, at party conferences and weddings. He is a favourite of The Beckhams, The Queen, Paul McCartney and Mitt The Mormon.

The last time a Labour leader hit number one was in 1966 when Harold Wilson sang every Pink Floyd song in reverse while on acid.

Our pop and culture expert, Nigel from Tyneside, adds:  ‘Milly Ed is a phenom. While his brother Dave lingers in Labour limbo, Ed continues to rock. He is the Bachmann Overdrive of 2012.

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