Delaying pothole repairs puts bikers at risk claim Walsall Labour

Walsall’s Conservatives latest policy on repairs to the highways is self defeating and dangerous, Walsall Labour is warning.

Tory run Walsall council has admitted potholes could be left for up to six months before being repaired; sparking fears that cyclists and motorbike riders will be left at risk of serious accidents.

The authority’s highways department is classifying defects to roads into two categories and has admitted that potholes in the second class could take from five days to 26 weeks to repair.

The massive delay was revealed after cyclists warned that are being put at risk by the delays to repair the roads.

Reacting to the latest council admission of the consequences of  the Tory/Lib Dem led coalition government’s cuts  to public services in the borough, Cllr Oliver said: “This policy shows our Tory run council has a massive gap in its thinking when it comes to the huge hole in the authority finances. It has only one answer, and that is to cut vital services, whatever the consequences.”

“Back in November when local Tories announced repairs could take up to five days we warned the longer you leave potholes, the worse they become and the more they cost to repair. As they get bigger and deeper the potential damage to vehicles increases and, particularly for cyclists and motorbike riders, the chances of accidents gets higher.

“Now we learn that it could up to six months to repair these hazards to road users.”

He added: “This policy is self defeating because it will eventually lead to a bigger repair bill but crucially, it increases the chances of serious accidents.”