Winter warning from Ambulance Service

As the temperature continues to drop, local people are advised to take care.

Snow in 2011

Snow in 2011

As temperatures drop across the region, West Midlands Ambulance Service is urging the public to take simple precautions to stay safe and healthy. This weekend is predicted to be the coldest so far this winter, and people are reminded to be extra cautious when out and about.

A spokeswoman for WMAS said: “There are simple steps that the public can take to help them stay safe during this wintery weather. Make sure you wrap up warm and wear sensible footwear, helping to avoid any unnecessary slips, trips and falls.

“If the weather does take a turn for the worse and you are travelling by road this weekend, make sure you allow extra time for your journey and be extra vigilant on icy roads. If it is a longer journey take food such as chocolate and a warm drink with you.

“People with existing medical conditions that can be aggravated by cold weather should stay warm and be prepared by making sure they have all their medications, saving any avoidable journeys.

“We also appeal for people to be aware of those who are elderly, frail or in some way vulnerable to this type of weather. Why not show some community spirit and ensure that people in these categories do not have to go out and risk hurting themselves by getting in any essential supplies that they might need?

“No-one wants to be a misery but although snow and ice can be a huge amount of fun, it can also be quite dangerous.  Clearly playing on frozen lakes and canals can have tragic consequences if people fall on or through ice, equally we see people becoming injured in sledging accidents.

“The ambulance service historically experiences some of its busiest periods during winter, so the public are asked to think before dialing 999. Is your call really a serious life threatening emergency that requires an immediate medical response?

“If you do need medical treatment but your condition is not life threatening, please consider using parts of the NHS other than A&E and the 999 service.  Advice and treatment can be sought from pharmacist, your GP, walk in centres, minor injuries units and NHS Direct via 0845 46 47 or on-line at”