“No Hidden agenda on planning changes” FoE respond

The Coalition Government is hoping to push through changes to planning regulations with a view to reducing lengthy and expensive planning enquiries.

The Government also claim that this will boost the UK economy and create jobs. Some groups consider this will pave the way for vested interests to drive through unpopular schemes.

Reacting to comments today by Planning Minister Greg Clarke where he said the Government had no “hidden agenda” on planning, but admitted some of its proposals may not have been expressed in “the clearest way”, West Midlands Friends of the Earth’s campaigner Chris Crean said: “We’re pleased the Minister recognises that parts of his planning proposals aren’t very clear – it’s what we’ve been telling him since they were published.

“If the Government wants its planning reforms to protect the interests of people and their environment, and not just focus on economic growth, it must tell councils exactly what is meant by sustainable development.

“Without a clear steer from Ministers there could be chaos in the countryside with poor developments being approved and good ones being thrown out.”