Police Tactics Working

This evening seems to have passed off relatively quietly

WMP HQ Lloyd House

WMP HQ Lloyd House

There have been a number of arrests this evening across the region, but police reports indicate that trouble has been restricted to small, isolated flashpoints.

A group were dispersed on Dudley Road close to the area where three Asian men were killed by a car in the early hours of Wednesday morning, while the police tactic of closing off Birmingham ring road, therefore restricting movement into the city centre, appears to have worked with no major incidents reported.

A police spokesman has also asked for those seeking to protect their communities to back off, saying “We appreciate their intentions, but please leave it to the professionals. Well-meaning citizens can do more harm than good.”

Elsewhere, West Midlands CID officers have already arrested 22 people and seized several thousands of pounds worth of goods which are believed to have been stolen, as investigations continue into this week’s disturbances.