Another one bites the dust

By Andy Munro.

In Peter Pannu’s Sale of the Century(or is it a Liquidation Sale?), Roger J is sold for £7 million instead of the RRP of £11 million. The announcement was, I thought, always imminent once the Evening Mail ran a rallying call story by new stopper Caldwell with a deafening silence of non-commitment from Messrs Scott and Dann.

Now, I always thought I’d remember Roger for his tackling and bravery but I’m actually going to remember him for his smirk. Interviewed by Sky, with a smirk on his face of which Tony Blair would have been proud, he said that he was ‘sorry’ to leave the Blues but when they were relegated it made up his mind.

It’s a shame he didn’t think about that when he hit the wall near the end of the season with some lacklustre performances. Nethertheless I admit he was a superb stopper overall and, perhaps,  finally succumbed to the wave of pressure that occurred when the ball kept coming back when played up front to Cameron ‘Teflon’ Jerome.

I note that Scott Dann and Cameron Jerome’s move to Stoke broke down due to their inflated demands. Obviously the fact that Blues both nursed and paid Mr Dann for not playing during most of last season cuts no ice in the loyalty stakes…. a tale of unsurpassed greed and selfishness … thank God for past Bluenose heroes like Paul Tait, Devlin, Jon McCarthy and Geoff Horsefield!

My final thought is that if Cameron put in an inflated wage demand, it must have been just over ten bob a week.