Tell me why….

Dave Woodhall has a question to ask.

Depending on where you are in the world, either yesterday or today was the seventeenth anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide. I never did like Nirvana or any other grunge, which to me sounded like low-grade heavy metal for teenagers going through their rebellious stage before becoming accountants.

In fact there’s a list of artists over the years I just don’t get. If anyone can say what ‘it’ is about the following artists, please let me know:

Public Enemy


Pink Floyd

The Beatles after 1964

The Strokes

Nick Drake

Stone Roses

Arcade Fire

Velvet Underground

Miles Davis


Josh Stone

John Coltrane


Pearl Jam

Led Zeppelin

Paul Weller

The Fall


Florence & the Machine

Low-era Bowie

PJ Harvey

The Smiths


Arctic Monkeys

Tom Waits


New Order

Kayne West


Manic Street Preachers