Sports day leads to fundraiser

Solihull Juniors raise over £6,500 for local special school.


Solihull Junior School pupils raised more than £6,500 for the local Reynalds Cross School after going the extra mile on their charity decathlon day.

All Junior School years at the independent coeducational school for 7 to 18-year olds in Warwick Road put in an Olympian effort for the community special school in Olton, which teaches children with learning difficulties. The 7 to 11 year old boys and girls took part in ten sponsored track and field events, ranging from welly wanging and netball throwing to space hopping and football dribbling, which netted £5,200.

Some pupils also took a step further by adding another £200 baking cakes and making cards to sell – and Oscar Montgomery raised over £1,250 by having his head shaved to a pink Mohican on the last day of term. The proceeds have crowned a sensational fund raising campaign by Solihull’s Senior and Junior Schools, which have together yielded £46,500 for local, national and international causes this year.

Solihull Junior School pupils were moved to support Reynalds Cross after members of their School Council visited the school and reported back on its outstanding work. Michael Jones, Deputy Head of the Junior School, said: “Our boys and girls were sparked into action as soon as they learned of the opportunity to help other children of their age at such a remarkable local school. I am proud of their wonderful efforts.”

Solihull Junior School’s decathlon day followed a successful charity week last October when pupils raised £6,400 for the Solihull charity Assist Resettlement and Renaissance to enable a primary school to be rebuilt in the war-ravaged north of Sri Lanka.