Keep right on or the end of the road?

Blues are beaten at Coventry. Andy Munro contemplates Wayne Rooney’s future.

Yet another defeat when the supposedly excellent midweek training was followed by a clueless performance. How long can this purgatory continue goodness only knows, although some are saying Eayne Rooney will be given until the January transfer window.

Bearing in mind that we haven’t exactly got pots of money, I can’t see a couple of players changing things when Rooney seems to have destroyed any confidence that was running through the team under John Eustace.

It’s difficult to see how we get out of this mess with Cook, Wagner and Co. unlikely to want to admit what is increasingly looking like an horrendous mistake/error of judgement.

As for the match, exciting game-changers such as Dembele and Myoshi are now looking bereft and ordinary while Jay Stansfield has been moved around to the detriment of his undoubted talents.

James was a positive in midfield although Beilik looks a shadow of his former self. The defence seemed slightly better for a dose of no-nonsense pkay from the returning Roberts but overall it wasn’t good enough and the sooner Awai is shipped out, the better. I’d rather play one of our home-grown youngsters anytime. Even the normally classy Buchanan looked shaky.

If we lose to Cardiff and Leicester, which both seem highly likely, then we will be right in the middle of a relegation dogfight and who would have forecast that a couple of months ago?