Stranger than fiction

Andy Munro comments on the latest goings-on at St Andrews.

We’re sixth in the table, with a manager who supporters love and the players respect so why get rid of him? Is it that he was being lined up for a move to Rangers or somewhere else, so before judging the board in a bad light maybe we need to keep our powder dry. Also despite the furore, would the many people in the pro-John Eustace camp still be saying the same thing if we had lost the last couple of games?

Maybe Eustace was too nice but either way most of us, myself included, are sorry to see him go and even more concerned about the mooted big name replacements. Wayne Rooney gave a decent account of himself at Derby but hardly made the earth move and on that note one wonders about the reaction of the first-team squad – if players at junior league level found out that their manager had been (allegedly) cavorting with ladies of ill-repute, I guarantee that he would have trouble even collecting their subs.

In fairness to the board, they want success as much as we all do but the last time we went for big managerial names, namely Gianfranco Zola and Harry Redknapp, it unravelled horribly.

Only one thing is absolutely certain under the new management – Blues won’t be signing Jamie Vardy!