ROARR!ing away

Louise Jones treks out to explore the Valley of the Dinosaurs, in deepest East Anglia.

As the mother of three I’ve been on many a family day out. And I know what I like. I like fresh air, nature, fun, something to climb, something to eat, the occasional ice cream and activities to keep us busy all day. And lots of clean toilets. Throw in some dinosaurs and I’m happy. Which is why our day out at ROARR!, at Lenwade near Norwich was a great success.

After easy parking and a quick entrance to the park, we were immediately impressed by the amount of things to do. Should the girls run into the giant dinosaur, explore the extensive wooden play equipment or head straight into the Valley of the Dinosaurs? The animatronic dinosaur with a roar loud enough to make us all jump helped our decision. The Valley of the Dinosaurs includes many familiar and not so familiar creatures, growing more impressive as we turned each corner. The moving, roaring dinosaurs make for an excellent start to the day.

This walk led on to a new area of ROARR! where great fun was had on the Raptor Contraptor ride and the Swing-O-Saurus, with the girls running round for a second go immediately. An unexpected treat was the Predator High Ropes, a multi height high ropes for pretty much all the family which ends with a long zip wire.

The sun shone for most of the day, as it often does in this part of the country, which meant a good chunk of the girl’s time was spent in Dippy’s Splash Zone, going up and down the water slide and dodging the fall of the giant ever filling bucket of water.

Food places never seemed far away with treats including burgers, fish and chips, pizza and ice cream available. Picnic tables, both outdoor and indoor, were plentiful throughout the park, always handy if you prefer to take your lunch with you and the park itself was lovely and clean and tidy.

After our dinosaur rides and lunch we headed into the Secret Animal Garden to say hello to pigs, goats, tortoises, guinea pigs, and lots of fun was had admiring giant millipedes, snakes cockroaches and others in the barn. At certain times of day you can meet and greet different animals, including bearded dragons, creepy crawlies and tortoises.

And so, rosy cheeked and happily weary we headed home, with the girls keen for a return trip to have more dino fun.

ROARR! might seem a long drive from the West Midlands but trust me, during a long and soggy school holidays, it’s well worth the journey.

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