Cider with Molly

Get Rebellious at the Kitchen Garden Cafe.

In the first of a new series of “Cider with…” collaborations in December, masters of folk improvisation The Ciderhouse Rebellion (accordionist Murray Grainger and fiddle player Adam Summerhayes) are joined by stellar Irish singer Molly Donnery (from The Haar) at the Kitchen Garden Cafe in Kings Heath on Monday 5th December as they cast their evocative magic over songs from the tradition, from the misty beauties of Mo Bhuachaillín Donn to the joyous race of Murphy’s Running Dog in a run of live gigs next month.

Cider With Molly is intimate stuff, drawing listeners into the very heart of the music. Each performance is uniquely magical in its improvisatory focus.

As Brett Rehling, manager of the Kitchen Garden Cafe, put it, “They’re so good, I want everyone to come to this gig!”