Gravity – it’s the law

Helen Annetts visits the latest Star City attraction – Gravity Birmingham.

On a slightly sweaty Wednesday afternoon, of course the best place to head is the newest trampoline park in town – Gravity Birmingham at Star City!

To be fair, despite having a trampoline at home, mention trampoline or inflatable park to the boys and it’s always an immediate let’s go. And, it being the opening day – how lucky are we – I couldn’t resist as I knew it would be clean, quiet and on an already hot day offer some much-needed air con.

Gravity is actually more than just a trampoline park, it brings together trampolines with an inflatable section, ninja run and of course a wipe out machine. And whilst other trampoline parks offer perhaps one of these options alongside the trampolines, at Gravity, you get it all!

Your visit starts with the usual safety video and then to the amusement of the children we were all asked to warm up – I actually do think this is a great idea – and of course the sight of mum and dad huffing and puffing through star jumps and running really fast on the spot is always going to be a winner.

For the boys it’s all about the ninja run and wipe out machine, for me I can just about manage the trampoline. I did for the first time ever try the wipe out machine and even on the embarrassing so slow its barely moving mode, when it came to make the first jump I totally wiped out. The boys of course endured high speeds as they attempted to be the last man standing.

The inflatable section was also a hit. Inflatable parks tend to be separate to trampoline parks, so it was nice to have everything all together and for the inflatables not to feel like an after thought. The boys and their dad battled it on some inflatable wall you had to run up – and I am not joking, the battle to the top was intense and repeated many times – whilst I found the more sedentary climb to the top a challenge. Everyone managed the sliding down however, albeit with the odd friction burn here and there.

Coming in at £12.95 for an hour with concessions for different sessions – Parent & Toddler; SEN; Family Groups – I think Gravity is competitively and reasonably priced. They also offer birthday party packages and the party spaces looked pretty nice.

And, the icing on the cake, the slushies – which EVERY CHILD DEMANDS AT THESE PLACES – are refillable. REFILLABLE. So if you choose the wrong colour/flavour (it happens, believe me, more often than you’d think) no need for child based despair you can just get another!

Gravity Birmingham is fresh and new (clean!) and containing such a variety of activities at a good price, it is definitely on our list of places to go.