The republic of Chelski

Andy Munro comments on Chelsea and sanctions.

To be honest, I have never been particularly fond of Chelsea or their fans and the recent outpouring of support for Roman Abramovitch just reinforces that view.

Funded by dirty money, Chelsea are followed mainly by fans who may live in London but generally have other less fashionable clubs near to them that they could support if they were loyal to their local area. I listened to some of them bleating on about the current situation but perhaps they should look at the likes of Derby and Bury, then think that there but for the grace of the footballing gods…

Stereotyping isn’t the best thing to do but listening to 50 year old plus Chelski fans who would make Neanderthal man look like Bamber Gascoigne, led me to despair of human nature. Personally, I would send them to a Ukranian war zone as soon as was possible.