Fabric arrives in the Midlands

Dance4 and DanceXchange announce merger.

Local dance companies DanceXchange and Dance4 are coming together in a formal merger, building on the strengths of the two successful organisations.

The two organisations are combining their complementary knowledge, skills and expertise in dynamic, expansive programmes, to form a new, single, strategic organisation, Fabric.

Jointly, Dance4 and DanceXchange can be more ambitious for dance made, produced and nurtured in the Midlands. Fabric’s vision is to inspire people through dance, transforming lives, communities and places. The team believe dance is remarkable and is vital in shaping the future. Fabric will strive to inspire, increase and diversify engagement, co-create with the extraordinary people of the region, encourage creative leadership, develop talent, and celebrate the impact of dance and its place in public life.

Debbie Jardine – interim CEO at DanceXchange says: “We are driven by a desire to positively disrupt, to bring about change that ensures a more sustainable and resilient future for dance. For dance to play a greater civic role in the lives of communities across the Midlands. Together, we are creating the new possible for dance.”

Collaborating in recent years led DanceXchange and Dance4 to conclude that there are significant creative, economic and strategic benefits for the art form, and both organisations, to be derived from coming together in a formal merger. By taking responsible, radical action, Fabric can free up and attract new resources to actively invest in artists, the development of the art form, and programmes that increase engagement. With the backing of each respective Board, DanceXchange and Dance4 are now making this merger a reality. Fabric will operate as one single, new, organisation from mid-April 2022.

Paul Russ – CEO of Dance4 says: “This new approach will breathe new life into dance, creating unique, thrilling and ambitious programmes, contributing to the international arts offer through a rich and diverse programme grown in the Midlands. I look forward to working with the team, partners and the people of the region to realise the opportunity to create a renewed platform for dance and cultural offer for the people of the Midlands.

“We’re taking a bold step to a new future. Seizing the moment to build on our collective knowledge and success, and the legacy of major events in the region to realise new opportunities and growth for dance.”

Fabric’s work will make full use of Dance4 and DanceXchange’s collective teams, relationships, resources, knowledge and experience. The company will operate and grow from the existing sites in Nottingham and Birmingham, working with the existing teams, working with and for artists, audiences, and communities in the Midlands.