How to Keep your Home Office Clean, Tidy and Organized

Keeping your workspace healthy and more productive.

Working from home can be convenient, comfortable and also enhance productivity. Many people may have started working from home because of the pandemic, but people all over the world have adapted to this work model. Businesses have come to enjoy the increased productivity will workers thrive with the greater freedom that working from home provides.

However, a home office can only positively impact on your performance when it is somewhere you can stay focused. While a home office allows you to arrange and decorate your workspace according to your convenience and liking, it also demands maintenance. A regular office has cleaning staff, but you don’t have this luxury at home, unfortunately.

With loads of benefits in working from home, it is also comes with its challenges. In particular, it’s now up to you to maintain your workplace to certain standards of cleanliness and organization. To help you to get the most out of this opportunity, we’ve pulled together 6 handy tips to keep your home office clean, tidy, and well-organized.

Start with a Clean Desk
The first and most important step for you to get going with a cleaning mindset is to wipe down your desk and clean all your equipment and office accessories. If you want to set up a clean, well-organized space, you need a clean canvas, and that means a clean desk.

Let in Plenty of Fresh Air
A clean space means clean air. A lack of natural ventilation can create a stuffy environment that is not conducive with productivity. Even worse, poor air quality can be terrible for your health. In the short term, poor indoor air quality can cause respiratory irritation and cause issues with allergies. Over the long term, it can even cause serious health problems. Whether you open a window or set up a ventilation system, make sure you let plenty of clean, fresh air into your home office!

Get Rid of Trash
A gargantuan task in any office is to get rid paper waste. The majority of clutter in an office is paper, so start by sorting all the loose papers you have lying around. Put the documents you need to work on in a pending tray so that you don’t have to hunt around to find them when you need them. Sort all other documents and make different folders for emails, bills, and various documents.

Once you are done sorting, immediately remove paper waste and free yourself from that clutter. Since now you are free from excess paper and other trash, you can now efficiently organize the remaining clutter.

Go for Vertical Storage Options
Vertical storage options are a great way to get more space in your office, even if you’re dealing with minimal space. Organize your books or folders according to your preference, whether size, colour, or alphabetical order. Use tags to label all your files and folders to make them easy to find next time you need them.

A well-organized office is nothing without good storage. Store all your office supplies and stationery in storage containers and boxes. Drawer organizers are a great option to store your office supplies. Tools like this make it very convenient to store and find things when you need them.

Organize your Wires
There’s nothing worse than a tangle of wires and cables on your desk, or under it for that matter! You either use wireless devices you free yourself from your wire struggles, or install ties and clips to hold all the cables in place to make your desk more clean and tidy.

Have a Closeout Routine for your Home Office
It’s also essential to develop a closeout routine to keep your home office in good shape. This is what you do at the end of the day – because what you do before you leave once you’ve finished your tasks for the day greatly impacts on your productivity the following day.

At the end of the day, put everything back in its place. You don’t want to come back in the morning to a space which needs loads of cleaning and tidying. This closeout routine will greatly help to keep your office more organized, and keeping on top of cleaning means you won’t need commercial cleaning.

Clean your Home Office on a Weekly Basis
Once you’ve established a daily close out routine, you will not need much time and effort to clean your office every week. Weekly cleaning may include watering your office plants, or dusting your desk, shelves and décor items. You should also clean the floor by running a vacuum or mop over it.

Having a home office that is clean, tidy and organized is essential if you want to be efficient and productive. A messy work space will always be distracting and make it difficult to focus on what’s important. A clean, tidy and well-organized workspace is better for productivity, and will also promote better mental health!