Lee Bowyer’s Blues

Andy Munro watches and worries as Blues go down to Blackburn Rovers.

Unfortunately this was a thrashing that probably even made miserable Tony Mowbray smile, and listening to local radio afterwards the callers seemed split between supporters calling for Bowyer’s head and those suggesting the owners should sell up.

Equally unfortunately the latter is unlikely to happen anytime soon with the club approaching £100 million in debt even after all the assets have been sold off or milked dry. The only possibility is that a footballing sugar daddy appears or Troy Deeney gets a wealthy consortium together. On the former point, it seems pointless to sack yet another manager when he has been ‘blessed’ with a mixture of loanees, frees and long serving players now well past their sell-by date.

In terms of the match we were very poor and it didn’t help that the normally dependable Matija Sarkic had a nightmare. It also didn’t help losing Marc Roberts through injury but, to some extent, all the players (young Jordan James excepted) should hang their heads in shame following what was a virtual capitulation.

With Fulham up next we could soon be just one further defeat away from the bottom three but I suppose in the topsy-turvy Championship there is always hope – as well, of course, as despair.

After such a depressing result, it’s always therapeutic to pick a side for the next match to turn things around so here goes. I would go back to a more stable 4-4-1-1 formation and mine would be Etheridge; Colin, Roberts (if fit), Sandersen, Pedersen; James, Gardner, Woods, Graham; Deeney; Jutkiewicz. McGree wouldn’t play as reluctantly we have to learn to do without him and Graham would play out wide, but as a natural winger and not a pseudo wingback.

Either way, thank goodness for the break so we can lick our footballing wounds.