World premiere for Birmingham dance studio

Donuts premieres ahead of UK tour.

Dance promoters The Place have announced that the world premiere of their new piece Donuts, choreographed by award-winning Jamaal Burkmaar and performed by his newly-formed company Extended Play will be at DanceXchange in Birmingham on 21st October, followed by a UK tour.

Donuts is the first, highly anticipated, full length dance piece from the company behind Jukebox, the breakthrough Instagram series combining popular music with their distinctive and dynamic style of dance.

Bursting with precision and soul, Donuts is a hypnotic and playful ‘groove along’ to jazz and funk. Following three friends as they get ready to go out, it explores the way relationships evolve over time in a celebration of all the times a night in is so much better than a night out.

Inspired by his own relationship with music and its influence on his friendships growing up, Jamaal Burkmar places music at the heart of his creative process.

Donuts features music by composer, DJ and producer Jameszoo, under the forward-thinking record label Brainfeeder, pioneering the resuscitation of jazz in contemporary popular culture. Sharing many of Jamaal’s own influences, his music draws heavily on 90s electronica. Speaking on this, Jamaal says: “I’m excited to share this piece of work that reflects how important music was to me and my friends growing up. Most importantly, it’s a piece that reflects the dancers and their friendships too. I’ve really missed getting to share music with friends over the last year, and it’s not just getting to go out to gigs, it’s those moments getting ready with a great track on I want to capture with DONUTS.”

Following its premiere in Birmingham, Donuts will tour to London, Bournemouth and Falmouth this autumn, with future tour dates for 2022 to be announced. Tickets.