Workshops aim to help mental health during lockdown

Near Neighbours-funded Mindfulness Workshops for Black women established.

Charitable foundation Help Unify Mankind And Nations have been awarded Near Neighbours Funding to be able to provide mindfulness workshops aimed at helping the mental wellbeing of Black women within Birmingham.

Evidence shows that Black or mixed women are 58% more susceptible to mental health disorders compared to other ethnicities and genders. Despite this, these women are half as likely to receive mental health support compared to their white counterparts. Black people are also in the high-risk group for Covid-19 and its associated ramifications such as loneliness and isolation.

HUMAN aims to bridge the gap between mental health and the cultural stigma associated with Black women accessing support. Studies show a 60% reduction in mental health with mindfulness activities and the aim is to bring these women together to create safe spaces for them to have time for themselves to share and learn.

The programme will involve two hours delivery per week for four weeks. The delivery will be virtual or face-to-face following government Covid-19 guidelines.

Mindfulness workshops will be delivered to Black women in Handsworth to prevent or manage their mental health and engage them with and/or to sign post them to the relevant services. The plan is to provide mindful activities, providing tools and techniques such as breathing and relaxation techniques, arts and crafts, social meet ups, decoupage, Zen tangle along with other fun activities.

You can get in touch with HUMAN by accessing this survey.