Charity funders help make Birmingham Awesome

Grants available for community groups.

Awesome BHX are a group of twelve trustees based in the Birmingham area. Part of the global Awesome Foundation, they were founded in January 2020. The group give give mini-grants of £500 every three months or so with money from their own pockets to projects which they feel can help improve the city.

Applicants can apply for a grant any time, any month and applications close on the last day of the month, after which trustees will vote for the shortlist. There aren’t any rules who grants are given to, but the sole criteria is projects that are going to have an impact on the community.

As founding trustee Jess Aston said, “I’m incredibly passionate about helping people and what better way than to be a part of helping get amazing projects off the ground. The impact that Awesome BHX funded projects can have on our community is powerful, and I’m proud to be part of the team.”

One og the grant winners was domestic violence refuge Gilgal. Their joint chair Ken Hazel said, “We have supported well over one thousand women as well as many children. This year has been incredibly challenging financially, particularly to fund core costs. By this I mean rent, heating, lighting, telephone, cleaning, and so many more things which we take for granted, but are crucial in maintaining the service.

“Meeting Awesome BHX was great. They were genuinely interested and asked thought-provoking questions. We are really thankful for their support with these core costs as we look forward to the next decade with confidence as we seek to empower women to rebuild their lives.”

You can find out about Awesome BHX here.