Birmingham centre for mental health Covid sufferers opens

First support service for Long-COVID sufferers launches in the city.

The region’s leading mental health consortium, Living Well UK, has debuted a new provision – the first of its kind in the West Midlands – to support the mental health recovery of those suffering with the long-term effects of COVID. With as many as one in five of those who contracted the virus reporting Long-COVID symptoms, even several months on, the practitioners at Living Well UK are delivering a free specialist service to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

While still an area of ongoing study, research has already identified over 55 symptoms of Long-COVID, with the most prevalent being a ‘foggy’ mind, intense fatigue, muscle pain, low mood and anxiety. Concerned about the lasting impact of these symptoms on mental health and wellbeing, Living Well UK has tailored a new service to help those struggling, and is encouraging people to reach out and seek help early before the symptoms take their toll too far.

Delivered in partnership with the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group for Birmingham and Solihull, Living Well UK’s service will provide support from specially-trained practitioners, qualified in low- and high-intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and psychotherapy, with additional training on Long-COVID, to support with recovery and relief from symptoms.

Living Well UK’s CEO, Ben Howells, commented: “Living with Long-COVID can be hugely debilitating, making every day seem like an uphill battle. We know from speaking to people that are suffering with the condition that it can be incredibly isolating, leaving people feeling as though they’re struggling alone; but we are seeing the number of people reporting these symptoms reach new – and worrying – heights. If early support isn’t available, this can have a life-long impact, massively affecting overall health and wellbeing.”

Keen to ensure a smooth journey through treatment, Living Well UK’s service starts with a simple assessment over the phone by a trained therapist. Following this, those looking for help will then have a bespoke treatment plan drawn up, all focused on getting them back to feeling like themselves once more.

“Working with the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group in Birmingham and Solihull, all of us at Living Well UK are committed to ensuring that for those seeking help, receiving support is easy, quick, and accessible. We truly believe that this free support service could be life-changing for those in the region, so if you are suffering with Long-COVID, please call us today so we can help you,” concluded Ben.

To find out more about the Living Well UK’s Long-COVID support and to seek help today, call 0121 663 1217. For more information about Living Well UK, visit Living Well.