Creative Ways For A Business To Improve Their Building Structure

How to improve the efficiency of your workplace.

Health and wellbeing in the workplace have become more of a priority for companies, especially in a changing world where Covid-19 restrictions in the workplace has taken centre place. In terms of the workplace organisation and structure, there are a number of things that can be completed in order to improve the wellbeing of not only the employees but potentially customers coming into the building. Some of these are pretty simple changes but others larger projects but still worthwhile considering.

If people are not able to get access to daylight within the workplace then it can certainly affect their morale. That is where glass roof systems can come into play. This may sound like a massive project but in reality, it does not have to be.
The glass roofing systems have several options such as patent glazing, thermally broken systems and frameless glass roofs. Each of these have their own advantageous but a lot of it is more around the taste of the customer. All of them will allow access to the outdoors daylight and some will allow for windows or sliders to allow them to open / close. In terms of customers entering building with these sort of glass roofs, the feedback is generally far more positive and improves the overall ambience of the area.

Solar Panels
It is important for any business to put the impact they have on the environment at the top of their agenda. This is where creative solutions such as solar panels could come into play. These are generally added to the roofing of a building and can be placed in areas where generally people will be unable to see them. This then has an immediate positive impact in the energy that is used within the building and can significantly reduce the overall energy bill. This is becoming far more common in buildings nowadays and in some instances the government are giving grants for people to complete this.

Infrastructure Change
Inside a building it is sometimes more difficult to get authority to change the building structure. This could be adding or removing walls as an example. This does not mean that this should not be considered as changing these sorts of things can improve productivity, flow and wellbeing in a business. As an example, it used to be “normal” for large offices to have different offices within them where managers would sit. This is not so common nowadays as companies move towards a more team-based organisation and leaders will sit amongst the team. This could then make way for a company to knock down walls and make way for a more open plan office. It is important that research is completed on this to understand the planning permission or approvals needed in advance.

Making structural changes to a business does not need to be costly and can be pretty simple modifications that could potentially positively impact on the business morale, organisation flow and productivity.