Cold comfort at Wycombe

Blues draw at Wycombe with Andy Munro watching – for the moment.

The fact that a goal-less draw with Wycombe Wanderers was an almost welcome point against the rock-bottom team says something about Blues’ current predicament.

We huffed and puffed but never looked cohesive and whilst Gary Gardner is a decent shout in the centre of midfield, he’s no number ten. This meant to a lack of penetration down the middle leaving a battling but outnumbered Juke a lonely figure and no disrespect to him but given his superhuman efforts it would have been a good idea to give him a rest and perhaps allow us a look at our new signing.

Now, while I’m all for continuity, making a couple of subs to freshen things up to try and get a much needed win would have been a sensible ploy. Unfortunately this was never going to happen with a manager who would make the Green Cross Code look reckless.

In fairness, this wasn’t a really poor performance but it was certainly a turgid one. Perhaps the only real exception was Jeremie Bela who was a constant threat and sent in a stream of crosses which begged for two up front.

So it’s still very grim and all the more so with Wednesday and Forest picking up unexpected wins. As a footnote, when crowds are allowed back I will be there as per usual but I’m done with paying ten quid to watch the game live. At least it’s a bit more exciting on the radio.