Time to stop feeling blue?

Andy Munro looks on the positives after Blues draw with Coventry.

I’ve been accused of being an impatient whinger by a few Bluenoses I know so I’ve decided, for one week only, to consider my glass half full.

How come? Well, we didn’t actually lose to Coventry and we are roughly in the same lowly position as Palace were when they got promoted to the Premier League many moons ago. We’ve just signed a hot Scottish prospect with another one in our sights and hopefully neither will turn out like a certain Gary O’Connor!

Jeremie Bela and Ivan Sanchez continue to show wizardry and that may augur well for the new striker(s) to feed off. Harlee Dean’s partnership with Mikel San Jose appears fairly successful and the influential George Friend should soon be fit to replace the wayward Kristian Pedersen. Marc Roberts and Gary Gardner look rumbustious options and helped ensure we had a good and strong second half against our tenants. Rekeem Harper should be a shoe-in for the pedestrian Adam Clayton and we are playing a team in the week who have just shipped seven goals.

So many reasons to be cheerful. Am I convinced? Not really!!