What You Need To Remember When Planning An Outdoor Event

Give yourself something to look forward to.

It’s fair to say that things have not gone as planned in 2020. This year, we’ve all had to postpone, reorganise or cancel special occasions from birthdays and weddings to gigs and sports events. As hard as it has been to make some difficult decisions and look at scaling down or moving these moments that bring us all together, somehow throughout the year we’ve managed to make it work when we can. We’ve had zoom concerts, we’ve had smaller weddings, and we’ve had socially distanced birthday parties. As hard as it can be, we’ll always find a way to come together.

Now, if you got through 2020 without organising an event, chances are that your turn is coming up very soon indeed and while we’re all excited about the vaccination roll-out that’s on the way, the chances are that we’re still going to be living in a COVID-19 world for the next few months at least. So, what are we talking about? We’re talking about outdoor events. Here’s what you need to plan for.

Never Trust The Weather
If there’s one thing that those of us who plan outdoor events in the UK know, it’s that the weather forecast should not, in fact, it cannot be trusted. If you’re counting on glorious sunshine to make your event go off without a hitch, you’re going to need to start working on some back-up plans. Whether it’s a wedding or a concert, you’re going to need to accommodate for the fact that a torrential downpour, a hailstorm, or a storm so severe it’s been given a name could be coming to crash the party. Make sure that any vendors are covered for wet weather, and double check that there are heating facilities on site in case of cold.

Is It Accessible?
No matter what the event you’re planning is, you will need to make sure that it is accessible to absolutely everyone. When you’re looking at hiring a venue, make sure to do your research to find out what they can offer, and that you have as much information as possible ahead of time. Remember that public venues must adhere to equality legislation in the UK, and should make any concessions that may be required. Think about entry, step free access, accessible toilet facilities, and bear in mind that you may very well have to work with the venue to ensure that all these needs are met.

Think About Power
When you’re planning an outdoor event, power is a number one priority. It’s a massive potential headache and the last thing you want to be doing on the day is running around after a supplier because something has gone wrong. Plan as far ahead as possible to think about your event’s requirements ahead of time and do the legwork to find a supplier who’s not going to let you down. For something smaller, you can always talk to the venue to find out if they’ve got a preferred set-up. If you’re planning a bigger event, such as a festival, you can find temporary power distribution with a firm like Energy Distribution Hire, which offers 24-hour support and an emergency call out service. This is not an area where you can afford to let people down, so it’s worth making sure you’re relying on someone who won’t take their eye off the ball.

Think About The Facilities
Finally, it’s a simple fact that people attending a big outdoor event will need to use the toilet. If you’re setting up a large outdoor venue, make sure that you have factored in enough facilities for all your guests. It’s estimated that there’s about one portable toilet for every 60 people at a concert, but remember, if you’re serving alcohol, that number goes up so don’t under-serve on the amenities.