Unique Ways To Celebrate Christmas With Your Dog

Gift ideas for a canine celebration.

Our pets are an integral part of our family. So while we’re enjoying some festive cheer at this time of the year there’s no reason they can’t get in on the fun too!

Get Your Pet Their Own Christmas Jumper
There are all kinds of festive jumpers out there for dogs, as many different types as for us humans. If your dog would baulk at wearing a jumper there are also festive leads, harnesses and coats.

You know your dog best. Make sure that if you’re planning to buy them any kind of festive outfit or accessory you know that it won’t distress or confuse them. Leave the item somewhere they can sniff and investigate it before you try putting it on, as you would with any new harness or dog coat. If your dog doesn’t like their outfit do not push them. It’s Christmas – you want them to have fun too!

Make Them An All-Natural Christmas Dinner
You can find all kinds of dog Christmas treats out there but not all are great for your dog’s health. You want to avoid overindulging your pets at this time of the year, which can be hard to do as you’re breaking out the human treats this festive season!

A great way to include your dog in the festive fun is with his own Christmas Dinner. Have a look into natural dog food for some great Christmas Dinners for your four-legged friend. Complete raw dog food from Bella and Duke can be a great way to go this Christmas. Their all natural food for your dog combines all the healthy balanced nutrition a dog needs in their diet, with the variety that any dog will adore.

This doesn’t have to be a onetime thing; natural dog food can do wonders for your animal’s health and wellbeing and give you the peace of mind that you know exactly what your dog is eating.

Take A Family Photo
Family photos are important memories to create and cherish, but many of us leave our pets out of the photo because of a worry about how you will get your dog to stay still long enough. This is totally understandable reasoning to any pet owner but there are ways you can ensure that you get your pet in the picture with you.

There are some great pet photographers out there. They can make a magical family portrait of you and your pets so that you can remember this Christmas for years to come. Pet photographers, as their name suggests, specialise in photos of people and pets. This can be a great way to make memories and have fun.

Keep Them Safe – And Happy
Christmas is a joyful and exciting time for all of us, as we decorate our homes and have visitors over the Christmas period. Make sure that you take your dog into account when decorating and making plans as this can be a major shift to their usual routines.

Monitor your dog for any signs of stress and always have a quiet calm space that they can escape you, where they feel safe if they ever need to get away from the bustle of Christmas.