Homeless charity steps into Christmas

Get your #BIGBrummie on with SIFA Fireside’s Big Brummie Night In!.

As the countdown to Christmas begins, leading homelessness charity, SIFA Fireside has made sure the festivities are in full swing with the launch of its Big Brummie festive night in.

Joining forces with top independent Brummie businesses, the festive night in offers more goodies than a full stocking, from wreath making lessons to Christmas card crafting, festive speed quizzing, yummy vegan and Polish recipes to a playlist from Dan Morrissey – yes, the one off the radio!

Designed as a great gift idea for others, or as a great way to enjoy some quality time together at home, Big Brummie has something for everyone and is available year-round for a monthly £5 donation.

Neatly wrapped as a digital download, the Big Brummie is an innovative way make a difference to some of the most vulnerable in our city. It helps to raise awareness of homelessness with all proceeds going back into the charity to support the clients of SIFA Fireside.

Carly Jones, SIFA Fireside CEO, said: “Homelessness continues to be a massive issue for the city of Birmingham and it can often be difficult for people to know how they can help. The Big Brummie provides an opportunity for others to get involved in a fun and creative way. involved in a fun and creative way.

“We know things are working differently this year, so we took a people focused approach to our campaign. We worked alongside top independent businesses and came up with some creative ways to have fun at home.

“By signing up to be a regular Big Brummie giver, your activity pack will automatically be sent to you each month in exchange for a £5 donation. This is a great way to support SIFA Fireside and know that you are having a direct impact on the alleviation of homelessness in our city.”

To find our more and to get your Big Brummie on visit SIFA Fireside.