IT Training to connect people during pandemic

Community group offers training and support classes to help maintain family links.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, delivery of many community focused services and activities have had to move to online (virtual) alternatives.

Offices, community centres and public libraries have all been forced to close which has meant that a lot of people have been, and still are, unable to access a computer. This has led to a lot of people across North Birmingham becoming marginalised, leading to higher levels of digital poverty in the constituency.

The lockdown has also prevented people from accessing crucial support services, something which has put them at greater risk of isolation, mental health problems and mobility difficulties.

But help is now at hand. Witton Lodge Community Association is launching new IT training and support classes to help people to get and stay connected. Sessions will be delivered to ensure people gain the skills and confidence needed to use a computer and keep them connected with their family and friends.

Starting on Monday October 12th, Employment and Skills tutor, Ruby Begum will be holding training and support classes on Mondays and Tuesdays; 11am to 1pm via Whatsapp and 2.30pm to 4.30pm at Perry Common Community Hall, 87 Witton Lodge Road B23 5JD.

If you would like to take part, call Ruby on 0121 382 1930 or email: [email protected]

In addition, the Association has laptops and tablets that are available to use and borrow. As part of its Digit-All lending library offer, these devices can either be loaned to take home and use or they can be used at Perry Common Community Hall. For details, call Paul Tse on 0121 382 1930 or 07875 292513.