Covid n-n-n-n-n-n-nineteen

Andy Munro attempts a download, with less than hilarious consequences.

Excuse the stutter, but I’m that angry. I’ve just tried to download the test and trace app onto my Android phone, without success.

Naively, I presumed that the NHS particularly want to protect old timers like myself. Common sense might tell them that there are lots of old timers who don’t like to change their phone because as the saying should go, familiarity breeds contentment.

We’re not that fussed about fashion, or keeping up to date with the latest technology, and all these newfangled and unneccessary additions can go right over our heads so we stick to what we’ve got and it suits us just fine.

My phone is an earlier version than Android 6.0 so apparently this prevents me from downloading the app. After twenty minutes of trying and cursing I eventually got the confirmation that “your device is not compatible”.

Is it not beyond the wit (or should that be Witty) of the NHS to ensure there is a version that old timers with old phones can use?