Still feeling Blue

Blues’ season ends with a 3-1 defeat to Derby County, leaving Andy Munro looking to the future.

Staying up gave me no real cause for celebration, as we only made it by default, after another depressing defeat.

Most pundits are saying that we need a massive influx of new players but strangely,I’m not sure that I agree because, despite some dismal performances, I still think there’s the core of a decent side there. So rather dwell on a season that I’d rather forget presided over by mediocre to poor management at all levels, I’m trying to think positives about the future.

Obviously, we need a decent manager with a war chest of realistically half of the jude Bellingham receipts. Who should that manager be? If Wigan go down then I’d go for Paul Cook and definitely not Aitor Karanka. The latter seems a bit of a cold fish and even bored at Middlesbrough. In fact, I’d rather have the Krankies!
St Andrews
If we can get over £5 million for Kristian Pedersen, I’d let him go and give Steve Seddon, who did well on loan at Pompey, a chance. I’d like to get Jake Clarke-Salter back on loan but that’s probably an outside bet. Either way, we need to replace the flaky and over rated Harlee Dean (thanks Mr Redknapp!).

Midfield is our best-stocked position with Crowley, Gardner, Sunjic and Kleftenbeld but we desperately need another winger to challenge the talented but inconsistent Bela.

Up front, I would only sign Scott Hogan if the fee was no more than £1 million, otherwise I would let him go and whatever happens there I would sign another forward with pace and power. This leaves the Juke, who certainly deserves and warrants a couple more seasons.

So call me an optimist, but given a manager with some passion and organisation skills we probably need no more than five quality signings.