Come in number twenty-two

Andy Munro comments on the latest news from St Andrews.

I can’t believe the vitriol aimed from Bluenose keyboard warriors toward the club following the news that the number 22 shirt is being stood down in honour of Jude Bellingham.

I just hope that Jude doesn’t take it personally and, yes, no doubt it’s an attempt by the under-seige Blues CEO Xuandong Ren and the rest of the board to try to be populist and get a bit of goodwill after the protests that greeted their arrival at St Andrews on Wednesday evening.

And for me, it’s a nice gesture for a Blues player who loves the club to bits, bleeds blue blood and whose talent may well secure the future of our hard-pressed club. As the most expensive seventeen-year old anywhere in the world, ever, his talent and impact at the Blues has been massive even though it was over a short period.

Okay, so numbers on shirts rested include the likes of Bobby Moore at West Ham and Johan Cruyff at Ajax, but who cares about comparisons when Jude is one of our own?

To me, it’s no problem.

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