Desert Island Discs

This time it’s balti king and Blues fan Andy Munro.

The editor asked me to have a crack at this and I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to pick eight tunes. I decided to go for a mixture of songs that would suit a few moods and, of course, the desert island scenario.

So here goes…..

29 Palms: This obviously suits the scenario and is by local boy Robert Plant. Funnily enough I was never a big Zeppelin fan but this was a solo single which has a nice easy going flow to it.

Losing My Religion: Classic REM, and I’ve got most of their eclectic collection but never got to see them. Vocals that send a shiver down the spine to maybe give me something to think about when night moves in

Over and Over:Neil Young is like musical Marmite but I’m a big fan, especially in his rockier Crazy Horse days. This is one of his lesser-known tracks about a guy who keeps going back to his girl and was accompanied by a brilliant black and white video. A good time to listen to it on my own as my missus hates ‘scratchy’ Neil with a passion!

Waterloo Sunset: Every time I’ve been to see the Kinks, they’ve never disappointed. Great songwriting rarely seen in releases by the current crop of ‘stars’ and Sunset is a classic although I’ve only ever seen one myself over the River Cole.

Soubour: This is by an African band called Songhoy Blues and I first heard it on a CD called ‘Maison Des Jeunes’ put together by Damon Albarn of Blur fame. African music is underrated but I like the quirky raw sound and it would be good for relaxing on the beach

Six Whiskies: Takes me back a couple of years to Moseley Folk festival when I first heard the band Skinny Lister. This track is typical of their upbeat folkie sound and maybe I can get into the part if a bottle of whisky is washed up on the beach.

The Irish Rover: On the subject of folk, there’s always a time for a moral-boosting knees up and this version of this by the Dubliners fits the bill nicely, just edging out the Pogues version. Mind you, it’s about a ship that sinks but maybe that’s how I got to the island in the first place.

Keep Right On: I suppose you knew this was coming and it would have to be the Harry Lauder version. In fairness, to me it always brings back a host of footballing memories and the sentiments of the song just suit the time that somebody is in a tight corner (or on a desert island).

I’m allowed a luxury item and I was tempted to nominate a football but let’s face it, there should be plenty of coconuts to kick. Still, with all that coconut oil around to cook with, it’s going to have to be a balti pan still made in Brum. Mind you, it will have to be fish and veg naltis unless I can catch a monkey.

An extra book is a difficult one but I think I would plump for Plants by the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew. I like exotic plants so it will pass the time identifying a few and it’s that big I can use it for a table when I’ve cooked my balti!