Darktown blues

Blues with a difference hits Birmingham.

A most unusual, probably unique, evening with the blues comes to town on Tuesday evening. To be precise, it’s actually a performance featuring three bluesmen who have at least two things in common with each other.

Firstly, they are all masters of their art, consummate, committed blues singers and musicians. Secondly, none of them will know the identity nor even the instruments of the other two until they meet at Henry’s Blueshouse at 7pm on Tuesday 12th May.

No problem there then. They will have 45 minutes to discuss the repertoire, set the running order, decide who sings on which songs and generally create and routine what will be two sets each of 50 minutes duration.

The Darktown Poker Club – it’s all a bit of a gamble.

So what’s this all about?

There will be no fakery. The routining will take place in front of the audience who will be able to see and hear how real musicians of quality and experience go about their work. Although the musicians will know or know of each other, they have certainly never ever performed or rehearsed together before.

The only preparation, if indeed it can be called that, is that each musician will present, in advance, a list of a 10 blues songs, with the suggested keys and tempos that they will be prepared to sing. The producer will not share these lists with the other musicians until they are all together, on stage, in front of their audience.

The Darktown Poker Club at Henry’s Blueshouse at The Bull’s Head, Bishopsgate Street. 7pm Tuesday 12th May. Admission free.