Hitting the Mill wall

Andy Munro on Blues’ goalless draw at Millwall.

This was never going to be easy and a point away cannot be sneezed at. In fairness to Millwall, they dominated quite a bit of the game which meant the influence of the two ‘Bells’ (Bela and Bellingham) was limited, which in turn meant the supply to the Juke and Scott Hogan was never a fluid one.

In fact, our best chances came from dead ball situations and the referee disallowing Pedersen’s well-taken goal was both a mystery and disgrace.

Supposedly it was for a foul by Harlee Deane, who was almost suffocated by three defenders – an illustration of our treatment by referees this season. Also, the lack of any concerted appeals by the Millwall defence was telling.Maybe the ref didn’t fancy incurring the wrath of the docker fraternity but it was a poor show even so.

When Gary Rowett sent on our nemesis Matt Smith (I played against his Dad once incidentally) and brought on the often prolific Bradshaw, it became tin hat time. Even the welcome return of Kleftenbeld and the appearance of the creative Dan Crowley couldn’t stop the flow of play towards the Blues goal.

Yet our defence held firm with the much (and sometimes unfairly) maligned figures of Deane and Lee Camp ending up the stars of the show.

This was a war of attrition and Rangers up next will be another difficult one given our generally poor record against them. With Barnsley and Wigan in an upward trajectory, it’s important we get to the fifty point mark as soon as possible.