Hats off to Pep

Blues’ 1-0 win at Luton eased a few worries, as Andy Munro confirms.

A win at Luton was absolutely vital for Blues and probably Pep himself. If (and it’s still a big if) we can beat Cardiff then we should be gravitating back to a safe middle of the table position (bureaucrats at the EFL permitting). On that subject, is it that we have knowingly overspent above the business plan (surely not even the Chinese are that reckless?. Or is it the sleight of hand ground ‘sale’ where the owners have tried to circumvent the rules?

Either way, bagging three points was just what the doctor ordered, although in doing so we went back to the muck and bullets tactics – a strategy which may re-install confidence back into Messrs Davies and Gardner. The Juke showed his prowess in the air to put us in the lead and Gary Gardner will have done his first team prospects no harm particularly with the goal.

Lee Camp is probably the right choice keeper at present as he uses his experience to marshall the defence in front of him. This is vital when, in the absence of Roberts conducting things, the defence seem to have taken a vow of silence.

Finally, the only tweak I would be tempted to make to a winning side (albeit against the bottom club) would be to bring in either Crowley or Bellingham instead of the ineffective Mrabti, who flatters to deceive.