Monk-y business

Andy Munro gives his verdict on Blues’ 1-1 draw at Sheffield Wednesday.

This match was overshadowed by Garry Monk’s thinly veiled remarks aimed at Pep and fair play to the Blues fans who gave their support to Clotet during this grudge match.

We may never know the truth but my guess is that Xuandong Ren and the outspoken Monk never saw eye to eye and, as a result, Pep was offered the job of his lifetime and one can hardly blame him for accepting the offer once Monk’s days were numbered. It’s just a shame that our former mamnager’s approach to the issue sullies his reputation amongst the many Bluenoses who loved him.

As regards the match, it is likely that the hardworking Juke was rested not dropped, although whether it was an ideal ploy to play the rookie Bela with Giminez is perhaps debatable.

It may well take Bela some time to fit in and it’s probably sensible to not jump to any conclusions about him particularly bearing in mind that he was virtually a free transfer when Premier League teams such as Everton pay over £40 million for absolute turkeys from abroad.

On the plus side it was great to see Giminez get a confidence boosting goal and Trueman have another excellent game in goal. Defensively we did well against a powerful Wednesday side who have plenty of firepower up front and the midfield more than held their own helped by the returning Villablanca.

Having said that I still think that Blues are better off offensively with a genuine winger in the team. Still two draws away to an inform Huddersfield side and a Wednesday team who gave the Albion a good argument is not to be sniffed at.