Double trouble in the land of Bojo and Trump

Richard Lutz feverishly peers into his crystal ball as the political world swirls around him 


I’m about to pop on my spacesuit to orbit once again above the infernal cesspit of politics to check out the futures of Boris Johnson, the possible new UK leader, and Donald Trump, the oafish US president. But things change so violently, it seems, that as I type, the news, the facts, the false news, the changes, all disappear, reappear, re-edit or weirdly are edited in. It’s a kaleidoscope of venom and poison and lies.

Anyway, I’ll stop this planet for a second and throw two things at you as the world screeches to a juddering halt. They’re about what will happen in the twin universes of Johnson and Trump, two notoriously ludicrous figures spinning like demented twisted planets in our political solar system.

First Boris. If he gets in as Prime Minister (and who knows?), I see it as a perversly positive thing. Yes,  positive….because despite his empty headed bombast and actually because of it, he will split the car wreck of the Tory party almost immediately.

He will create so much chaos with his hot air and disingenuous nonsense that the party will bifurcate like a cracked willow tree, split like an apple hit by a sharp axe. There will be a Pro-Bojo faction spitting blind rage over Brexit and an Anti-Bojo splinter group appalled that such a self centred jackass could be Prime Minister. The snake will devour itself.

Notwithstanding Labour’s own problem with anti-semiticism and its failure to state its stance over Europe, it will mean the streets will run blue with Tory blood as the party fatally fragments. So, let it rip, let it flow, let’s go Bojo.

Now to that racist in the White House. Trump, tragically for the US, will win the 2020 poll. His next step is a flyer, but rooted in possibility. And just may be true. And that is he’s setting up his beloved 37 year old daughter Ivanka for a run at the presidency. Somewhere, maybe, there’s a billion dollar secret war chest for this nepotistic putsch, loads of slushy cash to see Madame Ivanka into the Oval Office, maybe for the 2028 election.

mean, Look at all these photo-ops he pushes her into – most recently in the June G-20 knees up where she uncomfortably elbowed her way into the pictures and then chaperoned her dad when he met North Korean thug Kim Jong un. What the machine is creating is instant history, a fake news archive of what she’s (ahem) ‘…accomplished…’.

I betcha there’s more to come.

Yes, she has tripped up. She was a board member of the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which was quickly dissolved when a civil case quoted a New York attorney describing the charity’s  “…persistently illegal conduct….. “. And she was mentioned though never implicated in the Trump/Russia circus.

But despite these slip ups,  she has an intriguing track record, too. She has a master’s degree from the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania; there’s a curious cash donation to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2007 versus Obama; she organised a $40,000 fund for Democrat hopeful Cory Booker in a 2013 New York Senate fight; and, there’s a cute open ended confirmation that she is neither Republican nor Democrat.

So, watch out: PM Bojo to blow up the crumbling Tory Party. And Ivanka on the billion dollar road to the White House…..maybe.





2 thoughts on “Double trouble in the land of Bojo and Trump

  1. You are too optimistic about your Tory folks. We elected someone at least as bad as BoJo (if not worse) and the Republican party just rolled over and has become dead toads. Why won’t the Tories do the same?

  2. Yes, You seem much more optimistic about Britain than the US.
    I fear that may be rooted in reality

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