Environmental group organise city centre protest march

Extinction Rebellion Birmingham make demands to city council.

Extinction Rebellion Birmingham is a growing group of people who take direct action to raise awareness of the risks our planet is already suffering due to climate change.

All species on earth (including humans) face a sixth mass extinction by the end of this century due to human actions causing global warming. This leads to the loss of the ice caps, sea level rise and extreme weather events, such as the devastating cyclone hammering south-east Africa. If that wasn’t bad enough, the soils on which our food depends, are fast being depleted. It is our responsibility to ensure that the earth remains habitable.

On March 30th Extinction Rebellion Birmingham are organizing a march through Birmingham city centre, starting outside Waterstones by the Bullring at 12:30pm. The march will culminate in a protest with speakers in Victoria Square at 1:00pm outside the Council House where signatures will be collected for a petition urging the council to:

1. Debate a climate emergency motion at full council;
2. Pledge to make the city of Birmingham carbon neutral by 2025;
3. Call on Westminster to provide the powers and resources to make this target achievable;
4. Work with other local authorities on methods to limit global warming to less than 1.5°C;
5. Work with partners across the West Midlands to deliver this goal;
6. Report to full council within six months with the actions the council will take to address this emergency.

And last, but not least, demonstrate its support for the young people, whose school strikes inspire us all.

The petition to the city council can be signed on-line here or on paper at one of the events being held in the city.