High Speed summit for rail link

Industry leaders and politicians show how HS2 will join up Britain.

Local, regional and national political leaders joined HSRIL at an event in Birmingham on Monday to present a positive and compelling message about how HS2 is the ‘missing piece’ in bridging national connectivity divides.

The event, at which a giant jigsaw was unveiled, highlighted that for the UK to get the full regional benefits of HS2, the project must be completed in its entirety and integrated with Northern Powerhouse Rail and Midlands Connect. The event underscored that these schemes need HS2 to be delivered and that HS2 brings the greatest benefits with the completion of these schemes.

The event highlighted how HS2 is transformative. Through HS2, NPR and Midlands Connect, journey times are dramatically reduced and connections and capacity hugely increased between cities and regions across the Midlands and the North. HS2 will connect 30 million people, open up business and leisure opportunities, support an increase in jobs and growth, release rail capacity and change the way freight can be moved, taking lorries off the road.

Benefits of delivering the programme are already being seen in the Midlands with hundreds of businesses securing HS2 contracts, as part of around 2,000 businesses across the UK who are helping to deliver HS2. HS2 is expected to generate £92 billion in benefits to the UK economy and create 30,000 jobs with 70% of these jobs created outside London. The event brought together apprentices that are being trained and are helping construct HS2, businesses from across the country that are part of the HS2 supply chain and represent areas on the jigsaw, and business organisations such as the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce that are helping to secure opportunities and benefits.

HSRIL represents companies with an interest and expertise in high speed rail, and works to promote and support the delivery of successful high speed rail projects. Nusrat Ghani MP, Minister for HS2 said: “HS2 will be the backbone of Britain’s rail network, supporting regeneration and economic growth across the country while providing desperately-needed capacity and better journeys for passengers.

“Birmingham and the Midlands are at the heart of this project and are already seizing the opportunities it has to offer, with hundreds of businesses across the region working on its delivery.”

Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street added: “HS2 is vital for the future of our country and the rebalancing of our national economy and the benefits are already being felt. Years before the line opens it is generating investment and creating jobs here in the West Midlands.

“We are investing in new rail, tram, bus and cycling routes as a direct result of HS2 and through the HS2 College and our apprenticeship schemes developing a skilled workforce to make the most of those opportunities.”